Membership.  NASBI membership is on an individual basis.  The broker salesman himself, not the institution, shall be eligible to be a member of NASBI. Broker Salesman means a natural person employed by a Broker and/or Dealer Institution to buy or sell securities for the account of qualified and/or public investors and who is licensed and registered as a broker salesman by the SEC.  All eligible recently licensed broker salesmen are encouraged and invited to apply for membership with NASBI in order for them to take part in all activities and undertakings of the association.   Membership fee is set at PhP500 per broker salesman.

Initial Funding.  Initial funding was provided by the BAP through the recommendation of the BAP Capital Markets Development Committee under the leadership of Chairperson Consuelo D. Garcia and Subcommittee Chairman Erlaster Sotto in the amount of Pesos: Five Hundred Thousand (PhP500,000.00) for the registration of NASBI and to fund its initial operations.  Other organizations like MART and IHAP, which are represented in the BAP Capital Markets Development Committee, have likewise expressed their support in kind to assist the administrative requirements of the organization.

Sources of Funds.  Sources of funds include membership fees and dues, revenue generated from trainings, reviews, continuing education programs, investor briefings etc.

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