Happy Birthday to all March Celebrants! Cheers!

March Birthday Celebrants    
Name Instituition Day
Batac, Mary Anne Dc. BDO Capital & Investment Corporation 3
Flores, Leslie Anne A. AFS Philippines, Inc. 3
Antiporda, Susan Q. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 4
Cal Ortiz, Ritchilda H. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 6
Domingo, Christopher A. AFS Philippines, Inc. 8
Malapas, Camille P. AFS Philippines, Inc. 9
Pacheco, Ina B. First Metro Investment Corporation 11
Espanol, Lorena G. Development Bank of the Philippines 12
Garrido, Arnold Gregor S. First Metro Investment Corporation 12
Villafuerte, Franz P. Development Bank of the Philippines 13
Hortillas, Lourdes Patricia Angelica L. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 13
Javillonar, Don Francis D. Planters Development Bank 14
Abendan, Ma. Enrica L. Tullet Prebon 14
Ong, Kris Abegail V. First Metro Investment Corporation 14
Tan, Jennifer Jasmin Y. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 15
Dimaunahan, Diandra Denise M . Security Bank Corporation 15
Tuplano, Josefina T.. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 18
Lipio, Arturo Jr. I. United Coconut Planters Bank 18
Canada, Emy Jane D. Planters Development Bank 20
Felipe, Lourdes Patricia P. ING Bank NV 21
Puentevella, Patricia L. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 25
Bernales, Jesse Allan B. BPI Capital Corporation 26
Aezel Ann, Zamora B. ING Bank NV 26
Martirez, Lara Margarita S. First Metro Investment Corporation 27
Yatco, Beatrice C. First Metro Investment Corporation 29
Sollano, Vergenia C. Metropolitan bank & Trust Co. 30
Daplas, Joanne M. BPI Capital Corporation 30